Dressing a bed…..

I am of the belief that pretty much any worry can be erased by the sight of a well dressed bed…..ok, maybe that is an exaggeration, but I am always amazed by how haphazard people are about their beds, and bedding in general. Sleep is such an important part of our lives and yet people insist on ignoring their beds and bedrooms.

At the moment, I am living in a semi-furnished apartment (all my own furniture is in storage right now) and the bed which came with the apartment is nothing short of hideous..it is too big, too hard and too contemporary with a leather headboard. I loathe it, but for now, I have to sleep on it, so I try and dress it up with pretty bedlinen and cushions. My two cats love it, (it is big enough for them both to comfortably stretch 0ut on and still be a respectable distance away from each other)but even my bed linen and throws do not endear the “beast” to me…so I spend hours pouring over gorgeous images of beautifully made beds, sighing and wistfully longing for the day I can have my own  bed and upholstered headboard back!

image via Acanthus and Acorn

Not an image of my bed but certainly what I aspire to! In my humble opinion, this is the perfectly dressed bed….gorgeous headboard, crisp white linen, no less than 9 cushions and pillows….soft, fluffy duvet draped over the bottom of the bed…..bliss!

How could you not sleep well in a bed like this?


Guess where I have been?

Yes…we have a Laduree store here in Dubai at the fabulous Dubai Mall. The store is small but absolutely gorgeous and as everyone knows the packaging is legendary! The colours are subtle and tasteful with the touches of gold and the laurel wreath is just exquisite!

I wish I could say that I ate all the macaroons but they were a gift for someone….I am surprised they made it to their destination! The box they were packaged in was just as beautiful but I did not take a photo unfortunately…..

The macaroons are definitely not cheap but for a treat or a gift now and then they are perfect!

image by jfraser

Celebratory giveaway on “La Brocanteuse”….

A very dear friend and extremely talented blogger, whom I have recently reconnected with , is having a give away to celebrate a year of blogging, her birthday and being published….please check out her post , write a comment and enter the give away for a chance to win something gorgeous from her armoire!

image via La Brocanteuse

Her blog is a delight to read and her images are  inspiring ….I also love that she is a South African who is living a really authentic and creative life, so please visit her here.

MIA for a few days…

I have not posted for a few days but I have a really good reason…..my sister has arrived from South Africa to start a great new job with a large hotel chain here in Dubai. I am thrilled to have her so close after so many years of being here without any immediate family-I do have two cousins who live here with their families, so I am very lucky, but sisters are special and it is wonderful to have her here.

We have been really busy for the past week setting her up with trips to IKEA,Pottery Barn, Crate and barrel, appointments with real estate agents (to find an apartment) and just general running around. She has also had a few suits made by a fantastic tailor recommended by Caitlin Wilson of Style Files blog …Cityland tailors are really, really good ! Anyone in Dubai looking for a good tailor must visit them in Satwa.

The next thing we have to do is decorate the apartment she selects…that will be the fun part , for me at least! She is looking for a serene , calm and feminine space with a French feel and as she is shipping some of her furniture from South Africa, I will need to incorporate them into the scheme. I am in the process of putting together a mood board for inspiration and to help her with ideas when she shops. Having lived here for so many years I am obviously in a good position to give her a lot of contacts with good deals from my suppliers here, so I am sure she will be happy with the space we design together.

I will post the image of the mood board as soon as I am finished with it…..This image was the inspiration for the overall concept…just gorgeous!

image via The White Company