What’s been happening…

The past few weeks have been beyond busy and to add to all the work drama, I rescued this little creature from being let loose and ” turned into a stray” as the ignorant child he used to belong to told me…he was told by his mother to dump the kitten in the garden because she was allergic to it. I was horrified and took him home (the cat not the child) and have since been struggling to get my enormous adult male cat to at least allow the poor little chap to co-exist peacefully!

IMG_5935 comp

He is the cutest little boy with a precious little pink and  black nose and SO active…he is destroying my house so he has to find a good home soon or I will have nothing left which is not chewed or shredded!!!



Back to work Bustle…

Image via adesigndiary
Image via adesigndiary(what summer in the desert looks like)

The summer is almost over..I can feel it in the temperatures which are by no means cool, but definitely not the insane heat we had been experiencing a month ago. The traffic has picked up again as people have returned from their vacations and schools started again this week and finally,everyone’s schedules are getting back to normal again! The chaos on the roads yesterday morning with all the back to school traffic  was beyond belief!!

image via  adesigndiary (samples being prepared)
image via adesigndiary (samples being prepared)

For me all of this bustle means a marked uptake in the level of business and suddenly we have three projects (all urgent of course!) on our books….this summer has been unusually quiet while we have been waiting  for approvals and orders for projects but it certainly has kicked up a gear now!!

We are currently working on samples for a hotel project which features custom designed plant pots with stenciled designs…

I am also refurbishing some existing work at one of the luxury hotels in Dubai…its going to be a fun but challenging job which I will share more about in a later post!

Just yesterday I received an inquiry  to do some decorative plaster work on the exterior of a building which is being built for a well known coffee chain…that should be pretty tough for my painters particularly as we are going to have to do all of the work on site and in the heat! Thank goodness the weather is improving day by day…I am submitting samples for this and another project based in Saudi on Monday next week…all in all I would say that my plate is full..in a really good way!! I am very grateful for this as a few years back I was not sure that my business would ever be back on track again when the whole industry crashed.

image via adesigndiary
image via adesigndiary

With all the incredible mega-projects being announced, Dubai appears to be booming again and even villas are in very short supply.I heard a report on the radio yesterday which said that if the population continues to grow at the current rate, Dubai will require another 30 000 villas within the next 5 years. That is scary….but for someone in my line of work, this is certainly the place to be!