Intriguing and unusual headboard…

image via Isabella and Max

I found this gorgeous image the other day on the lovely blog Isabella and Max Rooms and I am completely intrigued by the fabulous detail behind the bed…I am not sure if it is a headboard because there is an upholstered headboard behind the actual bed, but what it looks like is a laser- cut design painted white and then fitted over a darker wall-perhaps painted or upholstered….I don’t think it’s wallpaper as it seems to have depth….whichever it is, I love it and would like to do something along these lines in a project………….

A new baby…..

Oliver...the newest member of our family

My sister has  a new addition to her household….this adorable Persian kitten!He is nothing but a bundle of fur and all he wants to do, like most new babies, is eat, sleep, poop and play!

She went to have her hair cut and the stylist’s cat  had kittens and he offered her one….what a question….impossible to resist a small, cute , fluffy creature like this…so she came home with more than just a great hair style!

He has kept her (and me-I check up on him occasionally while she is at work) very busy and wastes a LOT of time because one simply can’t ignore those sweet eyes looking up at you…..

He is just adorable!

Painted Furniture…

I have a client who wants a few pieces of furniture painted and an inherited framed mirror silver leafed. I collected the pieces last month and we will be sanding and preparing them over the next few weeks and then painting them, to be ready for my clients  when they return from their vacation.

I have been sourcing ides and images from websites and blogs in order to come up with some great ideas for her.

I particularly love this dark grey piece with the aqua interior…such a great contrast!

image source unknown

The ivory finishes appeal the most, probably because they are neutral but I also love the duck-egg blue and pale turquoise finishes too, as I feel they would add appeal to any room .

image via georgica pond blog
image via georgica pond

Lovely detailing on this one………

image from mini peters
image via mini peters
image source unknown

This piece looks really spectacular with the touches of gold leaf against the grey textured finish.

image vis georgica pond
image from deninot collection

Loads of lovely inspiration !

I will post photos of the completed items very soon!

Ongoing projects….

Here is a quick glimpse at two of our projects we are currently working on….one is a polished plaster application on 7m high walls in a Penthouse corridor and the other is a sample board for a 5star Hotel group. We are designing the decorative finishes for the Ballroom ceilings and it is going to be very traditional but also very glamorous .Technically it is challenging but I think it will be fabulous once we have finished.

Arabic design using gold leaf background and silver leaf stenciled design outlined in black

This is a sample board which we use to experiment with scale, texture and techniques and once submitted to the consultants, they will review it, add comments and I will make changes until everyone is happy and the final samples are signed off and the project is ready to proceed.

The polished plaster job is almost completed and is looking great, although we have had a few issues along the way with regards to the contract and specifications….but after a few meetings and discussions with our client we are back on track !

Members of our team working on scaffolding to reach the almost 7m high walls

I am very fortunate to have help with these projects in the form of expert plasterers who do all the really hard work on the ladders and scaffolds-without them I would never be able to take on large projects as I could simply not complete the work within the prescribed time.

As soon as I am able to show you my third project, I will post some images of what we are doing……

Ramadan Decorations at MOE.

from this angle you can clearly see the moon and stars

In my previous post I inserted a couple of images of the wonderful Ramadan decorations which were hung in the Galleria of the Mall of the Emirates-I took some photos the other night when I met my sister there for a quick dinner after work…..I was honestly blown away and the photos simply do not do them justice. The decorations are made up of long strings of twinkling LED lights with  huge paper moons and stars which are  lit from within and together they create a spectacular feature hanging from the huge glass Galleria roof. Gorgeous!

I am looking forward to seeing what they produce for Christmas!