Back to work Bustle…

Image via adesigndiary
Image via adesigndiary(what summer in the desert looks like)

The summer is almost over..I can feel it in the temperatures which are by no means cool, but definitely not the insane heat we had been experiencing a month ago. The traffic has picked up again as people have returned from their vacations and schools started again this week and finally,everyone’s schedules are getting back to normal again! The chaos on the roads yesterday morning with all the back to school traffic  was beyond belief!!

image via  adesigndiary (samples being prepared)
image via adesigndiary (samples being prepared)

For me all of this bustle means a marked uptake in the level of business and suddenly we have three projects (all urgent of course!) on our books….this summer has been unusually quiet while we have been waiting  for approvals and orders for projects but it certainly has kicked up a gear now!!

We are currently working on samples for a hotel project which features custom designed plant pots with stenciled designs…

I am also refurbishing some existing work at one of the luxury hotels in Dubai…its going to be a fun but challenging job which I will share more about in a later post!

Just yesterday I received an inquiry  to do some decorative plaster work on the exterior of a building which is being built for a well known coffee chain…that should be pretty tough for my painters particularly as we are going to have to do all of the work on site and in the heat! Thank goodness the weather is improving day by day…I am submitting samples for this and another project based in Saudi on Monday next week…all in all I would say that my plate is a really good way!! I am very grateful for this as a few years back I was not sure that my business would ever be back on track again when the whole industry crashed.

image via adesigndiary
image via adesigndiary

With all the incredible mega-projects being announced, Dubai appears to be booming again and even villas are in very short supply.I heard a report on the radio yesterday which said that if the population continues to grow at the current rate, Dubai will require another 30 000 villas within the next 5 years. That is scary….but for someone in my line of work, this is certainly the place to be!

New work…

I am busy working on an exciting new project-a ladies nail spa/salon in the Dubai Gold and Diamond Souk.My client is opening a ladies salon, specializing in manicures and pedicures but also offering massages and facials.

In Dubai ,male and female salons are completely separate, and most ladies salons have to be completely private -some even have separate entrances at the back of the store for ladies to enter, should they not wish to be seen from the road or storefront.The interior of the salon is usually also blocked from view by vinyl decals on the windows, thus offering total privacy from the outside.This is the cultural norm as ladies generally are screened from public view in most areas of the city… most cars even have tinting on windows to screen the occupants from view…it’s interesting to see and I have become used to this way of life and now  embrace it , and I  love the idea that once inside a spa or salon, I am enclosed in a cocoon of privacy!

My client has asked me to design a concept which is fresh and serene and we have chosen predominately white and chartreuse with touches of black as we have  had to utilise the existing floor which is black marble. The contractors have started the fit out and I am currently putting together the accessories we will need to create the look she wants.

She wanted three treatment rooms for massage and facials ,plus manicure and pedicure stations and the biggest challenge was to avoid any actual construction ie; we were not allowed to alter the general shape of the store and we had to use the existing lighting and air conditioning structure …..all this has proved to be interesting as most projects like this usually begin with a “clean slate”or an empty shell.

I will post images as soon as we have something to look at…..I think it will be a lot of fun!