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I must apologise to my readers for going missing for the past couple of weeks but work and projects have literally taken over my life….my poor home is a disaster zone with piles of laundry in the bathroom, piles of papers and plans lying all over my desk….I have been doing on site work from about 7.30 am each day, getting home after 7pm each night and then doing all my paperwork after that from home! My poor cat thinks I have moved out and left him to his own devices and I am certain that my friends have forgotten what I look like!

Both of my big projects have come to deadline date in the same month! I try very hard not to do this, but it is sometimes unavoidable, particularly in Dubai! My hotel project was supposed to be completed by the end of July, but due to severe delays, we had to start on site works at the beginning of September. My Mall project is also winding up at precisely the same time…..the perfect storm. So I am a little overwhelmed and  my nerves are frazzled to say the least!

I hope to be able to show the results of all this frenzied activity very soon, so please do come back in a week or so to see some images I hope to post then!

A Give-Away…..

One of my favourite bloggers Caitlin Wilson of caitlinwilsondesign.blogspot.com is giving away a swatchbox of her gorgeous fabric range….the designs are really pretty and she has some lovely colorways in the range. Go to her blog, (click on the link above)leave a comment, and you may end up getting a box of the full range of fabrics delivered to your door!

image via http://caitlinwilsondesign.blogspot.com/


image via http://caitlinwilsondesign.blogspot.com/