Artwork for a client.

I recently printed and framed these Indian block prints for a client in Dubai….I am thrilled how they turned out and they look wonderful in his apartment which we are busy decorating.

I framed them in a simple silver frame with a dark taupe mat to match the dining room wall which is now painted the same colour. I  feel that decorating a masculine space can sometimes be a challenge and I try to avoid adding too many bits and pieces which can come across as a bit feminine and fussy at times. My client lives alone so he wanted a very simple, yet sophisticated scheme and I hope to be able to show you some more images as the project progresses.

*image by Julie Fraser

National day

Today is National Day in the UAE and the Dubai is decked out with the national flag on all government buildings and even some hotels…the streets are lined with flags and today is an official holiday with a parade which usually takes place along one of the main roads. The local Emirati people take great pride in their country and they love and respect their leaders…I find it extremely refreshing to live in a country where the people truly appreciate and respect their government . I also consider myself very lucky to live in a clean, safe and efficient city such as Dubai.

Happy National Day to all….

* image from unknown source