Two New On Line Magazines for May….

Two new online magazines are now live…and they are fabulous…the first is Lonny…check it out here:

It is full of inspiring , summery images reflecting the new move towards fresh and fun interiors, saturated with colour!

All images via Lonny

The second one is Matchbook….also a lovely summery issue and definitely worth a look….see here.


South African Home Tour…..part 1

My best friend D and her husband live in a magnificent home on a hill in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. I still consider Durban to be my home town and D and her family are literally part of  my family and she has graciously agreed to allow me to post images of her gorgeous home on the blog.

D has the most spectacular taste and she works hard to decorate her home with carefully chosen antiques and objets. As you will see, she is a talented decorator as well as a hugely successful hair stylist with her own business. Her home is immaculate and beautifully curated and also constantly evolving, an important part of keeping the look fresh and original.

The one thing she insists on every week is fresh flowers….so her home smells fabulous! The house is double story with a veranda on the front which overlooks the most amazing view of Durban and the trees. Just looking at it makes me feel so homesick! Whenever I return to South Africa for a visit, I always stay with the family , so the house really feels like home to me!

Take a look…..

The view over Durban , from the house, looking towards the ocean.

The exterior of the house viewed from the front garden. I am salivating over all the greenery! I miss the lush greenery of tropical Durban…..

The fabulous private courtyard which the dining room opens up onto…with a temperate climate most of the year, Durban is the perfect place to live an outdoor lifestyle and most homes feature courtyards and verandas which greatly increase the living space if utilised correctly and furnished accordingly.

Looking out from the kitchen onto the utility room and a few of the topiary trees in the lush garden.

Looking up at the rose garden from the kitchen.

Can you tell they have been having a lot of rain? More rose bushes and boxwood hedges.

Fresh cut roses from the spectacular rose garden.

All images by Colleen Shaw

Looking back at the house from the garden and across the pool.

I hope you have enjoyed a peek into the gardens of this lovely home….part 2 will feature some interior photographs and some interesting details.

The Fairy Tale one year on……

Can you believe it has been one year already since this happened……….

image via International Business Times

What a magical day it was and since then, Ms Kate Middleton (or HRH The Duchess of Cambridge) has proved herself to be a thoroughly modern Princess, conducting herself with grace and professionalism….William must be so proud of her and I have to say that I think he is so sweet with her when they are together..particularly the way he seems to always have a hand at her is lovely to see!

image via

I love the colour and detail of this dress.

The now famous Canada dress…also lovely and suits her slim figure beautifully!

image via

One of my favourites….such a feminine yet glamourous look…

image via
image via


Even casual she looks incredible…with so many people watching it must be so stressful to look good constantly!! I know I certainly could not do it….

They are a lovely, modern couple and they seem to be always laughing and smiling…it may be a “show”for the crowds but I hope not…they seem so well suited and really good friends and partners. A wonderful example to couples everywhere.