The Fairy Tale one year on……

Can you believe it has been one year already since this happened……….

image via International Business Times

What a magical day it was and since then, Ms Kate Middleton (or HRH The Duchess of Cambridge) has proved herself to be a thoroughly modern Princess, conducting herself with grace and professionalism….William must be so proud of her and I have to say that I think he is so sweet with her when they are together..particularly the way he seems to always have a hand at her is lovely to see!

image via

I love the colour and detail of this dress.

The now famous Canada dress…also lovely and suits her slim figure beautifully!

image via

One of my favourites….such a feminine yet glamourous look…

image via
image via


Even casual she looks incredible…with so many people watching it must be so stressful to look good constantly!! I know I certainly could not do it….

They are a lovely, modern couple and they seem to be always laughing and smiling…it may be a “show”for the crowds but I hope not…they seem so well suited and really good friends and partners. A wonderful example to couples everywhere.



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