Gorgeous Online Magazines…..

The new issues of Lonny magazine and Matchbook are fabulous…..I still cannot believe how stylish and trendy these two magazines are and that they are available to anyone who wishes to read them….and by doing so, we’re being kinder to the planet! Win win for all….

Take a look at both issues…..


Each page is better than the next, with Festive colour….

 image via Lonny magazine
image via Lonny magazine
lonny 1
image via Lonny

Is it just me or does there seem to be a lot of turquoise around this Christmas? Gorgeous and so refreshing….that wall colour is sublime!

Then there is the MOST exquisite apartment in Denmark in my favourite hues of white, grey and black!!!

image via Lonny
image via Lonny

Seriously? What is it with those Nordic people and their incredible style??? I am in awe….

And then I found this:

lonny 5
image via Lonny

I live in a seriously “space challenged “apartment and when I saw this eclectic and fabulous studio apartment, I just about fell off my chair…

I know I always say this, but there are some seriously talented people out there…..this apartment belongs to Matthew Knowles, the General Manager of Charlotte Moss Interiors, so he has surely absorbed some of her exquisite taste, but I love the layers and the way he makes no apology for one-room living, but embraces it wholeheartedly….that gallery wall takes my breath away!!!!

And please note the over sized oil painting ……

lonny 4
image via Lonny

As for that animal print scatter….

All in all, this edition of Lonny is packed full of style and substance so check it out…


image via Matchbook
image via Matchbook

This issue of Matchbook is filled with glorious page after page of Holiday gift guides, Holiday clothing and Festive cooking and baking….

image via Matchbook
image via Matchbook
image via Matchbook
image via Matchbook

This wonderful apartment in Brooklyn…..

And a feature on an artist whose work I have come to really enjoy….Lulie Wallace…I find her work simple and refreshing and her use of colour is inspiring.

image via Matchbook
image via Matchbook

I hope you take the time to have a look at these lovely publications….I can only imagine the amount of effort which has to go into publishing something monthly!

Two New On Line Magazines for May….

Two new online magazines are now live…and they are fabulous…the first is Lonny…check it out here:

It is full of inspiring , summery images reflecting the new move towards fresh and fun interiors, saturated with colour!

All images via Lonny

The second one is Matchbook….also a lovely summery issue and definitely worth a look….see here.


Ralph Lauren and Bloomingdale’s……

image via Eddie Ross

While browsing Eddie Ross’s amazing blog, I saw this fabulous vignette which he was commissioned to create as part of a collaboration between  Ralph Lauren and Bloomingdales. I ooh-ed and aah-ed over all the gorgeous details and then I read that three other designers were also commissioned to do vignettes….there is even more deliciousness to look at here!

image via Lonny blog

This room was done by Michelle Adams of Lonny magazine….while I could never live in it, I really like the rich and textured feel.

image via stylebeat blog

This one was put together by Marisa Marcantonio of Stylebeat blog and I love the blue and white with the pops of orange…just fabulous!


image via the peak of chic blog

This sophisticated and modern space was done by Jennifer Boles of The Peak of Chic blog…rich, luxurious colour and lovely details..like the dress hanging  in the corner!

I think this whole concept is a wonderful idea and is great exposure for both designers and the stores….aside from that, image the idea of having both Ralph Lauren and Bloomingdale’s to choose furniture and accessories from…..oh my word! A dream come true!