South African Wedding……

A while ago, a gorgeous friend of mine married her fiance in the African bush. She posted the photographs on Facebook and with her permission, I asked if I could share them on the blog. I thought it was such an unusual wedding and so personal and intimate, that I really wanted to share her special day.

This happens to be my favourite image…I love the contrast between the femininity of L in the soft dress and the tumultuous clouds above, all reflected in the serenity of the water.  As for the view…need I say more?

The location of the wedding was the magnificent Leopard Mountain Lodge in Zululand, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa and there are some gorgeous photos of the ceremony but the celebration was interrupted by an incident where L’s son was spat in the eyes by a cobra which caused him to go blind for a few days…seriously…only in South Africa! Unfortunately, he was the official wedding photographer ,so only a few photos on the actual day were taken. Thankfully Tyrone, L’s son recovered fully and managed to take the rest of the  photos a few days later on a beach at Saldhana Bay!

Her dress was so pretty and simple….perfect for the location….

I love how her husband wore a traditional African shirt….very fitting for the traditional Zulu “kraal” or enclosure where the wedding ceremony took place.


A lovely family photograph with everyone casually dressed and clearly enjoying themselves!

Her lovely bridesmaids also in simple dresses with a traditional flavour…..

I think the organic background is a wonderful setting for the photographs and very personal as the bride’s family are all from Kwa Zulu Natal. I should add at this point, that L and S live in Italy, just outside Rome…..she is also an incredibly talented artist who has exhibited her work internationally.

These are the second group of photos taken a few days later at the beach….

I must say that a few of my  friends elected to have some photographs taken a day or two after the wedding and some of the most exquisite wedding photos I have ever seen, have not actually been taken on the day, when everyone is tense and perhaps a little stressed, but a day or two later when the rush and craziness is over and the couple is more relaxed. It is certainly something worth thinking about when planning a wedding.

all images by Tyrone Nowell Photography and Brandon Nowell

 A lovely wedding…in such spectacular settings…..thank you L for allowing us a glimpse of your special day!

Wedded Bliss…..

While chatting to an old friend this morning, I was given this amazing site to look at ….it was her niece’s wedding photos and I was absolutely blown away. The whole concept was designed by the bride, who is incredibly creative and who has her own business- “Cupcakes by Taryn” .

Her Facebook page is full of the yummiest photos of her decadent cupcakes…….but back to the wedding. With help from members of her family, the bride put this inventive wedding together, full of personal and meaningful touches which I believe make a wedding truly special to all who attend. It was not a huge wedding-about 60 people I think, but it was really big on style and spectacular ideas! I loved it and asked her permission to show a few images  on my blog….take a look….

This was such a great idea for guests….and each guest got to take home the white fleece blanket as a wedding favour!


An ice cream parlour..I mean seriously!!! What a great idea for a desert ………..

The happy couple….the dress was made by the mother of the bride and the bride and bridesmaids bouquets were made by my friend….this is one talented family let me tell you…

I just adore the white paper lanterns hanging from the roof of the veranda…the reception was held in the bride’s mother’s garden and I think this might be the veranda of their house….just darling!


What would a garden celebration be without Pimms? Aren’t the “glasses” lovely?


Simple and yet so effective……

All images via Tink Photography

Congratulations Taryn and Robin….a beautiful wedding with a sophisticated country feel… looked like such a memorable day!

Exquisite floral Designs…….

While browsing blogs this past weekend I came upon this site.….I could not believe my eyes -every image was better than the next one! These unbelievably talented women , Aileen and Karen, create the most exquisite floral displays I have ever seen….their bridal bouquets are works of art….take a look at their beautiful blog and website here.

Or you can enjoy some delectable images right here…

image via karen tran florals

I love this colour combination!

image via karen tran florals

This one is just so feminine and such gentle tones….

image via karen tran florals

And look at the gorgeous and unusual bridal bouquet……

image via karen tran florals

This looks like the most perfect setting for a wedding….small and intimate and special.

Once again I am in total awe of the incredible talent out there!