Guess where I have been?

Yes…we have a Laduree store here in Dubai at the fabulous Dubai Mall. The store is small but absolutely gorgeous and as everyone knows the packaging is legendary! The colours are subtle and tasteful with the touches of gold and the laurel wreath is just exquisite!

I wish I could say that I ate all the macaroons but they were a gift for someone….I am surprised they made it to their destination! The box they were packaged in was just as beautiful but I did not take a photo unfortunately…..

The macaroons are definitely not cheap but for a treat or a gift now and then they are perfect!

image by jfraser

One thought on “Guess where I have been?

  1. oh that is a good thing! ~ having Laduree on your doorstep! I have been trying to get them to sell me one of their wedding cake toppers…but no success-understandably! you must try their pink box filled with Marie Antoinette tea..complete with little dried roses from the Versailles garden! mmmmm Col X ~ Afrique du Sud

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