MIA for a few days…

I have not posted for a few days but I have a really good reason…..my sister has arrived from South Africa to start a great new job with a large hotel chain here in Dubai. I am thrilled to have her so close after so many years of being here without any immediate family-I do have two cousins who live here with their families, so I am very lucky, but sisters are special and it is wonderful to have her here.

We have been really busy for the past week setting her up with trips to IKEA,Pottery Barn, Crate and barrel, appointments with real estate agents (to find an apartment) and just general running around. She has also had a few suits made by a fantastic tailor recommended by Caitlin Wilson of Style Files blog …Cityland tailors are really, really good ! Anyone in Dubai looking for a good tailor must visit them in Satwa.

The next thing we have to do is decorate the apartment she selects…that will be the fun part , for me at least! She is looking for a serene , calm and feminine space with a French feel and as she is shipping some of her furniture from South Africa, I will need to incorporate them into the scheme. I am in the process of putting together a mood board for inspiration and to help her with ideas when she shops. Having lived here for so many years I am obviously in a good position to give her a lot of contacts with good deals from my suppliers here, so I am sure she will be happy with the space we design together.

I will post the image of the mood board as soon as I am finished with it…..This image was the inspiration for the overall concept…just gorgeous!

image via The White Company

One thought on “MIA for a few days…

  1. I love, I love, I love that bedroom. Your sister is one lucky lady to have you help her with her new home 🙂 Can’t wait to see it finished.

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