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This caught my eye while reading a few blogs last night- seriously, how feminine and pretty is this decor?

From the washed floor, to the stylish chair and the simple white desk…the balance of colours and textures really appeal to me. I am generally not a fan of “pastel”wall colours, but this all works beautifully!

The rest of the house is also lovely..see it here.

South African Home Tour Part 3…

Welcome to part 3 of the Home Tour of my talented South African friend’s  lovely home…this post focuses on the master bathroom, family bathrooms , family bedrooms and the Media or Family room which are all situated on the second floor of the home.

Just off the glamorous master bedroom is an equally decadent master bathroom, complete with free-standing tub and his and hers basins…these magnificent mirrors are from France.

A view of the tub and a vignette of antique glass orbs and jars.

I adore art in the bathroom, and something bold like this magnificent piece above the toilet and bidet, is perfect for the space-once again , there are no curtains, but shutters, which filter the wonderful light.

Directly off the master bedroom landing is the media room ,where the family spend time  on the computer. and watching TV or playing TV games. It is a comfortable room with plush sofas and cushions and shelves filled with books and objets.

 The media room is full of all kinds of lovely details like the bowl of ostrich eggs-simple ,yet effective. The wing chairs are wonderful and I love the art on the walls.

The shelves with books and interesting pieces-I love the ginger jars on the top shelf.

The ties on the back of the wing-back chairs are great details and break  up the expanse of the chair back .

An interesting little desk and chair just as you enter the media room.

This is the son’s bathroom , decorated with masculine yet chic charcoal striped wallpaper and charcoal accessories.

The charcoal, grey and white  colour combination  is carried through to the son’s bedroom…the bed is once again dressed beautifully  with over sized cushions and luxurious bedding.  (This is my room when I visit! I can speak from experience and confirm that it is very comfortable..)

I think the colour choices for this room were perfect for a young guy at university-masculine and yet not overtly so,to  also accommodate  any guests who may visit.

The daughter’s room is particularly pretty and feminine, with floral wallpaper, a gorgeous tufted and buttoned headboard and matching linens and cushions.

A lovely vintage painting .

All images taken by Colleen Shaw

The daughter’s en suite bathroom is a  girly dream come true…I love the chandelier against the pink stripes! Imagine a long soak in that fabulous tub!

Update: I heard today that my friend D is about to refurbish her existing kitchen (which I shall feature on the next post) so we will be able to follow the progress as they demolish the existing kitchen and start work on the new and improved version!

Watch this space..

The final post on this lovely home will follow soon.

Mannequins and decor………..

I have been toying with the idea of getting a mannequin for quite a while now …. While I would LOVE to get a really battered , old vintage one, the reality is that I am living in a country which is really only 40 years old and the chances of finding anything vintage  is close to impossible, unless you are looking for something regional like carpets, or an old spice chest……I thought I might have to wait until my next trip to the UK to visit my mum….on a really good day you can sometimes find a second hand one in a thrift store…..not often..but sometimes!

I think they are such a lovely feminine addition to a dressing room or bedroom , and fantastic to display a special dress or a statement necklace on – my friend B displays her lovely wedding dress on hers and it looks lovely!

And then I found this site….absolutely gorgeous offerings and they ship worldwide……what more could a girl want? Perhaps just the view in the last image………………….

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I love the black and white Toile……I can see it in my home! Perhaps an addition to my Christmas list?

Dressing a bed…..

I am of the belief that pretty much any worry can be erased by the sight of a well dressed bed…..ok, maybe that is an exaggeration, but I am always amazed by how haphazard people are about their beds, and bedding in general. Sleep is such an important part of our lives and yet people insist on ignoring their beds and bedrooms.

At the moment, I am living in a semi-furnished apartment (all my own furniture is in storage right now) and the bed which came with the apartment is nothing short of is too big, too hard and too contemporary with a leather headboard. I loathe it, but for now, I have to sleep on it, so I try and dress it up with pretty bedlinen and cushions. My two cats love it, (it is big enough for them both to comfortably stretch 0ut on and still be a respectable distance away from each other)but even my bed linen and throws do not endear the “beast” to me…so I spend hours pouring over gorgeous images of beautifully made beds, sighing and wistfully longing for the day I can have my own  bed and upholstered headboard back!

image via Acanthus and Acorn

Not an image of my bed but certainly what I aspire to! In my humble opinion, this is the perfectly dressed bed….gorgeous headboard, crisp white linen, no less than 9 cushions and pillows….soft, fluffy duvet draped over the bottom of the bed…..bliss!

How could you not sleep well in a bed like this?