Dressing a bed…..

I am of the belief that pretty much any worry can be erased by the sight of a well dressed bed…..ok, maybe that is an exaggeration, but I am always amazed by how haphazard people are about their beds, and bedding in general. Sleep is such an important part of our lives and yet people insist on ignoring their beds and bedrooms.

At the moment, I am living in a semi-furnished apartment (all my own furniture is in storage right now) and the bed which came with the apartment is nothing short of hideous..it is too big, too hard and too contemporary with a leather headboard. I loathe it, but for now, I have to sleep on it, so I try and dress it up with pretty bedlinen and cushions. My two cats love it, (it is big enough for them both to comfortably stretch 0ut on and still be a respectable distance away from each other)but even my bed linen and throws do not endear the “beast” to me…so I spend hours pouring over gorgeous images of beautifully made beds, sighing and wistfully longing for the day I can have my own  bed and upholstered headboard back!

image via Acanthus and Acorn

Not an image of my bed but certainly what I aspire to! In my humble opinion, this is the perfectly dressed bed….gorgeous headboard, crisp white linen, no less than 9 cushions and pillows….soft, fluffy duvet draped over the bottom of the bed…..bliss!

How could you not sleep well in a bed like this?


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