A gorgeous new blog….

My wonderfully gifted and talented friend B has started a brand new blog which promises to be filled with lots of spectacular images and ideas…..she and I met when we worked on a merchandising project together doing Christmas window displays ,and she ended up working for the store for three years, doing wonderful window and store displays, as well as making over the stores ,from wall colours to shelving units! I am in awe of her talent and her home is nothing short of magazine-worthy…I am nagging her to try and get her lovely home published, but I am sure she will feature many vignettes in her blog, so do check it out here and follow her posts.

She is also a fantastic baker and makes a delectable “melk tert”, a traditional South African flan which I have enjoyed on far too many occasions! Her cupcakes are sublime and as with everything in her home, are always beautifully decorated and served….I am so happy she will be sharing parts of her life with everyone and I look forward to seeing her posts on a daily basis…no pressure B!

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