Celebratory giveaway on “La Brocanteuse”….

A very dear friend and extremely talented blogger, whom I have recently reconnected with , is having a give away to celebrate a year of blogging, her birthday and being published….please check out her post , write a comment and enter the give away for a chance to win something gorgeous from her armoire!

image via La Brocanteuse

Her blog is a delight to read and her images are  inspiring ….I also love that she is a South African who is living a really authentic and creative life, so please visit her here.

One thought on “Celebratory giveaway on “La Brocanteuse”….

  1. Hello Julie,
    thank you for the mention and special comments on your gorgeous blog about mine- much appreciated! I Love your blog and so happy that we reconnected! have a lovely week- talk to you soon. XO Colette ~ Afrique du Sud

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