God Save the Queen…


image via www.bbc.co.uk
image via http://www.bbc.co.uk

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth becomes the longest ruling British Monarch in history today, surpassing her great , great Grandmother, Queen Victoria.

image via www.monnarchy.net
image via http://www.monnarchy.net

What a legacy she has created, with her incomparable commitment to her country and the example she has set for future generations of Royals ,with her exceptional work ethic and service to her people. At an age when most people would be retired and putting their feet up, she continues with her duties and day to day engagements with the robust energy of a woman half her age, and with impeccable hair! She is an example to us all and a true figurehead for Britain and the Commonwealth Countries.

image via www.royal.gov.uk
image via http://www.royal.gov.uk

God Save our Queen….Long may she reign.

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