Happy Birthday to Her Majesty The Queen…

To commemorate her 90th birthday, the Palace have released the most amazing series of photos and I love them all, particularly the one with Prince George…what a cutie!! This particular image will be used for a series of stamps to commemorate her birthday.


Gorgeous photo with her youngest grandchildren and great grandchildren…I adore the little girl holding the Queen’s handbag…13015545_1116470311708131_6205810314554818470_n


What a lovely photo of mother and daughter..


I think this one may be my favourite-the Queen looks so relaxed and happy…

All of the above images (except the first one) were all taken by photographer Annie Liebowitz, one of my favourite photographers. She is a genius and has captured the true essence of Her Majesty perfectly in my opinion.

I find the Queen such an incredible inspiration…she walks without a cane or any assistance and works harder than almost all of the other Royals.


God Save the Queen…


image via www.bbc.co.uk
image via http://www.bbc.co.uk

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth becomes the longest ruling British Monarch in history today, surpassing her great , great Grandmother, Queen Victoria.

image via www.monnarchy.net
image via http://www.monnarchy.net

What a legacy she has created, with her incomparable commitment to her country and the example she has set for future generations of Royals ,with her exceptional work ethic and service to her people. At an age when most people would be retired and putting their feet up, she continues with her duties and day to day engagements with the robust energy of a woman half her age, and with impeccable hair! She is an example to us all and a true figurehead for Britain and the Commonwealth Countries.

image via www.royal.gov.uk
image via http://www.royal.gov.uk

God Save our Queen….Long may she reign.

The Diamond Jubilee….

image via http://en.wikipedia.org

Oh how I wish I was in the UK celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II…..I am devastated that I am missing out on the street parties and general pomp and ceremony which accompanies such an auspicious occasion…..

I think the Queen is an amazing woman …she is an incredible example to her people and has conducted her duties with grace and style all her life…imagine having to be on your best behaviour every single time you walk out of your front door? She can never have a bad day or just goof off and go shopping….the discipline she exercises is rigid and has clearly served her well.

image via British Vogue

I loved this chart which British Vogue published, showing the Queen’s choice of attire through a period of a year…..clearly her favourite colour spectrum is blue! In my humble opinion I think she dresses beautifully and I LOVE that she embraces colour in all shades…..

Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee Your Majesty! Long live the Queen…

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