We saw this movie last night….

image via http://2.bp.blogspot.com

I can highly recommend it to anyone who has not yet seen it, particularly in Dubai, because it is a stylish and gentle film and those do not stay on the circuit for long here!

image via http://hedsor.com
image via http://hedsor.com

The exterior”house” scenes (and I assume some of the interior scenes) were filmed at Hedsor House in Buckinghamshire, which is actually a venue for events such as weddings, photo shoots etc.

image via http://hedsor.com
image via http://hedsor.com

The countryside is just wonderful and even the interior of the “retirement home” is beautifully decorated with lovely fabrics and in particular, a wallpaper I am now obsessed with!

image via http://angelandblume.wordpress.com/
image via http://angelandblume.wordpress.com

And this is the wallpaper I just loved….

Wallpaper: Eleonora GUV08004
Wallpaper: Eleonora GUV08004

It is by Zoffany and is exquisite….a lovely pattern in soft and muted tones and as you can see, in the image above from the film, it was applied in panels…classic and so suited to the overall feel of the film! The flowers in each room were also wonderful….I would be very happy to spend my golden years in an environment like that, I can tell you!!

Of course the cast was stellar, with Maggie Smith displaying her incredible talent by conveying a remote, haughty and  dismissive diva, with a certain vulnerability….the humour was witty and sophisticated and the best part…the film was only about an hour and forty minutes, which left us feeling like we wanted more!

image via bbc.co.uk
image via bbc.co.uk

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