Intelligent Luxury…..

I know that my blog is essentially a design blog, but I like to share ideas and thoughts which I also come across, so I hope you will bear with me…..

I recently read a wonderful blog post here where the author DeeAnne ,describes her take on the phrase “Living a life of intelligent luxury”…..

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Dubai, as I am sure the rest of world knows by now, is all about LUXURY…..sadly though, after reading the post, I really feel that it is most definitely not Intelligent Luxury, but rather a brash, bold and almost reckless type of Luxury. A recent article in one of our newspapers here really shocked me and has made me think about the environment we live in here. I have recently realised too, that this is not how the rest of the world lives-this frenetic, mad, avaricious rush to make money any way you can, without taking into consideration the costs to other people, the environment and most importantly, the cost to oneself.

Perhaps having lived here for so long, I have become immune to the insanity, but it is becoming more and more evident each day that this is not a healthy way of life for my me and in essence , for my spirit .

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People here wear their wealth like a badge….HUGE , expensive cars, dressed head to toe in designer brands…… they rush around the city doing important things…so important that they feel no need to drive with caution, indicate their intent on the road or give way to any car which may dare to take up part of the same road they are driving on!! I used to laugh this kind of behaviour off in the past, but after reading the post by DeeAnn , I have realised that this behaviour is symptomatic of the underlying problem which is essentially that these people are not selective and are not living authentically.

I also realise, of course , that I can do absolutely nothing to change the behaviour of all these poor  souls, but I can change mine, so I plan to do exactly what the author of the blog suggests: choosing to have a dinner at home with friends, a great bottle of wine and home cooked food over an expensive meal at the latest “trendy spot”. Buying one good handbag instead of three on a sale….not overspending or over consuming because we have the money to do so…choosing to save for a really great vacation rather than traveling three times a year because everyone else is! I love the idea of making choices with consideration and caution ,over this manic consumerism which apparently still grips the world and particularly Dubai, where shopping really is an Olympic sport!

To me , Intelligent Luxury means taking the time and effort to make the very best of what you have….it does not mean spending vast amounts of money, but rather using creativity and ingenuity to live a comfortable life…a life which will not get you into debt and cause you immense amounts of stress and worry.. It means taking a hard look at your life and discarding things (or people) which no longer add value to our life and changing habits which do the same. DeeAnn discusses “The 100 challenge” which is essentially limiting one’s possessions to a total of 100! That really blew me away…what a concept!! Considering this, one would really have to pare down to the basics and by so doing, eliminate the junk and keep only the best and most functional!! I love the idea and it has really give me pause for thought as I do like to hold on to things!!!! Particularly magazines…….It makes me want to consider my life and how I can live it more simply….this would be less rushing, less stressing and worrying…..I have realised with graphic detail ,that the big contracts (big money) come loaded with BIG problems, BIG demands and BIG worries… it all worth it in the end?

Does anyone else feel as I do, or am I alone on my quest??As we are now approaching the end of January, with new resolutions  possibly falling by the way side,I am going to be really examining aspects of my life in an effort to be conscious about the way I live my life and run my business…I can only imagine that I will benefit from such a change and that my life will improve on many levels.. both personal and professional.

6 thoughts on “Intelligent Luxury…..

  1. What an intelligent, creative woman you are, Jules. We, in South Africa, don’t get to experience the extreme luxury that you talk about in this blog, but the last bit about paring down to the essentials, and intelligently thinking about how we use our money, certainly ticks my way of forward “doing”. Thank you.

    1. Hey Leanne…I LOVED the post you suggested I read….I am trying very hard to live with less….not just stuff, but less rushing, less stress, less money, less food….I believe that all this luxury and excess is making us less not more….and this post just confirms what I think and what so many others think…check out DeeAnne’s blog too..she makes so much sense!

    1. Your blog is such an inspiration DeeAnne….after a few years of really difficult times here in Dubai, we are recovering financially and my business is busier than ever but I am taking care not to repeat the mistakes of the past and your posts really speak to me and make me think hard about how we live here …..thank you for visiting my blog!

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