Views of Dubai

image by JF Bab Al Shams Rooftop Bar

This is Bab Al Shams…one of my all time favourite places to have a quiet sun downer overlooking the desert….the roof top bar at Bab Al Shams resort and spa. I have done a lot of work on this resort….stencil designs in all the rooms, stencil designs in niches in all public areas , gold leaf panels in the main dining areas, decorative wall effects in the dining areas….and hand painted kelims in the outdoor areas as well as the Royal Suites.

It was a project that took up almost a year of my time and it has a special place in my heart!

image by JF Gold leaf ceiling panels
Gold leaf ceiling panels
The road to Bab Al Shams at dawn after working all night!

Working on a project in a hotel which is fully functional has its own set of challenges and usually requires a lot of planning and compromise as we have to work around the guests…this usually means working night shifts while the guests are sleeping. I actually don’t mind working at night …far fewer distractions and its always cooler, especially in the summer! Not so much fun in the winter though…the temperature drops to around 5 degress C!

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