Making a beautiful bed…..part 2

While browsing through blogs this last weekend, I discovered a post on beds and bedding which was along similar lines to my own post a few days ago.

image via The Simply Luxurious Life

The author describes what works for her to make a beautiful bed and it is not too dissimilar to my requirements so I read the post with great interest and also watched the video of Nate Berkus making a great bed…..the message here is very simple- it does not take much time or effort  to create a tranquil and gorgeous space.

image via The Simply Luxurious LIfe

Check out the very simple list of items one needs to dress a bed well….at the very least one can make the bed and fluff up the cushions!

My friend B has the most beautifully made beds I have ever seen outside of a store…..I am hoping that with a prompt here and there she will disclose her secrets on her blog! She has a visual merchandising background and her beds look  like they are on a set of a shoot…beautiful pillows, cushions and coordinating quilts and duvets…..and yes, she lives like that daily! She is an inspiration to the lazy slob in me who wants to just leave the bed rumpled and unmade on those crazy mornings when you are rushing out of the door……

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