New Trend…

Is it just me or am I noticing a new trend in kitchen design…it seems that more and more designers are using raw wood panels with sleek cabinets in new kitchens. It somehow manages to look really sleek but rustic at the same time and yet  escapes looking cottage-y. Frankly I love it….the contrasting textures look incredible and it adds a new dimension to  the  minimalist look, something which can look a bit pedestrian at times.




Blue and White walls…

While doing some research for a potential project I may be involved in, I came across this gorgeous image of blue and white. Such a classic combination, it really is one of my all time favourite colour combinations.

I particularly love the painted mural on the walls…its glorious! There are actually a number of different blues and not all of them match but the whole lot works together really well.

Moody greys..

I have spoken of my love of grey’s in numerous previous posts and there seems to be no end to the obsession!

These images via the most beautiful blog Sanctuary are magnificently moody. (Although these images are not taken by the blogger (as far as I know) she is an unbelievably inspiring photographer …reading her blog makes me want to whip out my camera and rush around taking photos!! )

I am bewitched by the gallery wall….

While not strictly all grey, this last image is utter perfection with all  the warmth and textures going on…this room really and truly looks like a home and not just a styled room.

All images via Sanctuary and originally via Elle Decoration.


Room with a view…

image via adesigndiary

image via adesigndiary

While the temperatures are soaring , I am trying to embrace summer in Dubai…I will probably not be traveling until around October so I have no choice but to deal with the misery of being indoors constantly!!

image via adesigndiary

image via adesigndiary

I usually use this time of the year to source new work and set up projects for the latter half of the year and the other day I was at a beautiful penthouse on the Palm and I took a moment to capture the tranquil view from my client’s living room.

image via adesigndiary

image via adesigndiary

Amazing to wake up each day to this view!

Oh, and the hazy photos are not because my camera was out of focus..that is the haze of humidity hanging over the city! Isn’t summer fun???