August is here…

I am astounded that August is already upon us…4 months to Christmas and the end of the year!! Where has 2014 gone???Its scary how the time flies-we have just celebrated the Eid Al Fitr  holiday,which marks the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan and I took three wonderful days off to relax and recharge for the next few months which are going to be really busy.

image by adesigndiary
image by adesigndiary-only in Dubai does a water tower look this good!

We are busy with furniture refurbishments for a number of clients who have left for the summer and while they are away, we will be painting, sanding and distressing their furniture . When they get back, they will walk into a totally new look for their homes, I hope!I forgot to take before photos so I will have to show you the finished pieces as soon as we are done with them all.

image via adesigndiary
image via adesigndiary

We also have some very interesting finishes on designer planters and pots for a hotel project which I will be starting next week…this is something out of the ordinary and quite a challenge, so I am looking forward to it. I will have some photos to share of those as well.

image via adesigndiary
image via adesigndiary

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