Pretty and Fresh…

August in Dubai is commonly known as Hell Month…while the temperatures are in the high 40’s, its the humidity which is the killer. It is literally like walking into a sauna and each morning I barely make it to my car without my make-up sliding down my face!

In the middle of this insane heat, I find myself searching for fresh, pretty images on my favourite blogs online. Here are some of the gorgeous images I have been drooling over..

image via
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I found these on the beautiful Tumblr blog

The cooler weather seems really, really far away right now. Roll on October is all I say….

2 thoughts on “Pretty and Fresh…

  1. These are beautiful Jules. Gosh I can’t imagine the heat. I’ve been in 44 plus humidity. But when one is rugged up in a doona (duvet) one finds it hard to imagine being so hot. I do love the image of the make up slipping of your face though! Do you have any travel plans in the next 4 months? We need to chat – I’ve a bit going on. Love you as always – Mich. x

    1. Thanks for reading Mich!! No travel plans..hence the frustration with the heat…desperate for a break from this insanity but too busy with work right now..hoping to go away in October but will be heading to the UK for Christmas for sure…. xoxo

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