Happy National Day….

image via hozpitality.com
image via hozpitality.com

The UAE is celebrating its 41st Anniversary with  fireworks, parades and lots and lots of decorations on the streets and buildings…..it is amazing to see how the country embraces the occasion and every year the celebrations just get  bigger and better. With the economy improving, this year the celebrations are much bigger and there seems to be a great vibe everywhere. The municipality has decorated the  main street in our suburb with balloons and bunting and pictures of all of our leaders and every palm tree along the road has been adorned with red, green and white lights!

We have all had a long weekend off and the National Day celebrations have coincided with the Dubai Rugby 7’s, so all in all it has been a weekend filled with fun and parties!

image via http://ejochryss.wordpress.com
image via http://ejochryss.wordpress.com

When the people of this country look back over the last 41 years, they certainly have reason to be proud of what they have achieved…..Happy National Day to all!

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