The Festive Season….

Where has the year gone? I cannot believe how fast this year has sped by…in about 22 days we will be celebrating Christmas!! Scary to think that 2013 is a few weeks away!!

In the Festive mood, I discovered these amazing images of store windows in London…Tiffany’s always has the most spectacular windows and usually a wonderful holiday campaign with incredible visuals and this year was no exception!

all images via
all images via



A couple silhouetted in a snow covered window…..



I LOVE this tree from Chritian Louboutin….what a great idea!!!

2 tiffany & co - dustjacket attic

Gorgeous door from Tiffany & Co-I can just hear the sleigh bells ringing !



Selfridges featured a window filled with ponies puling a cart filled with Christmas trees and gifts…just wonderful!

I would love to see these “in the flesh”so to speak…..they really put one in the festive mood..something I need at the moment, being slammed with work right now!!


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