A busy few weeks……

I have been very neglectful about posting lately…..with good reason though….I am madly busy with work and unfortunately some things have to take a back seat-the blog being one of them.

I do, however, have a sneak peek of what I am working really hard on…..


This is a sample board for the ceiling project I am currently working on….literally back-breaking work as we are hand painting the design-very hard on the neck! It is also almost an hour drive each way from where I live so I am spending and inordinate amount of time in the car…..such a waste of time!

It seems to be going well and I hope to be able to post images of the completed work soon….

sample for ceiling design

Also ….I finished these……………

distressed furniture
Distressed armoire
distressed and limed table and painted armoire

My client was very happy with the result and so was I…..I love all the colours…greige and ivory…very neutral and also easy to live with.

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