Shopping in Satwa…..

A couple of weeks ago I was helping a friend(C) source products for a commercial shoot she was working on…her job is to source and find items which the producer needs to set up the shoot  ……I sometimes help her when she has a tight deadline.

Dubai is a large and very sprawling city and two people can obviously cover the city a lot better and faster than one…we meet in the morning and she gives me a list of items I need to collect , some cash and off I go…I really enjoy it and it is not unlike sourcing items for a decorating project….just a LOT more rushed!

The last time I was sourcing, I had to pick up some Shisha (sheesha) pipes for my friend C. I took these pictures to show her what I had found and to allow her to decide if she liked them or not…this incredible shop is in a suburb called Satwa, and is filled with the most amazing little stores….like a bustling market place in Mumbai or somewhere in Hong Kong. I love shopping there and finding little treasure troves like the Sheesha shop….there are also a lot of fabric shops, tailors, upholsterers, general stores, car detailing stores, electronics, mobile phone stores….I am sure you get the picture!

Shisha pipes are used for smoking different flavoured tobaccos…..the smoke is cooled and filtered by being passed through water. The name comes from the Persian word shishe , meaning glass and this practice is enjoyed by the majority of Arabs in this part of the world and a lot of expats too…..I personally don’t enjoy it (I also don’t smoke ) but many of my friends love relaxing after a tough day with a Sheesha…’s a very sociable way to unwind with friends at a cafe or restaurant and most restaurants with outdoor facilities offer Sheesha. I must admit that even though I don’t enjoy the Sheesha, I do love the smell of the different tobaccos… is a scent I will always associate with the Middle East and my time here.

Shisha pipes

I think they are so pretty with the jewel colours against the light. This shop in Satwa was amazing…full of the most interesting things…I will definitely be going back to have another look around.

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