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I did mention in an earlier post, that my business will be going through some changes this month and I can now confirm that I will be moving premises and getting a new studio to work in! I will be hiring some additional staff to help out with work and I will also be travelling a bit more to source and execute work-the company I am working with has offices in  a few countries outside of Dubai , which is very exciting for me because I have never had the resources to expand like that before!

All in all, I think this will be a very exciting new direction for my business and one which I am ready to take….what I do is extremely specialised , and in most cases, very much part of a luxury, niche market. The company I will be aligning myself with has a lot of contacts in this market and I hope that my business will be adding value to theirs and theirs to mine.

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I will be focusing on a very select type of project and providing a very high level of service and quality. This is going to require intense training for my staff and a LOT of supervision and direction once they get on site. I also plan to train someone to be “me”when I am out of the office and checking on other sites …this should free me up somewhat and allow me to actually have a life!

My main goal over the past two or three years was to recover from the massive hit I took during the collapse of the construction and property industry in Dubai, but  now that we are in recovery , I feel like I can finally focus on balancing my life more…more exercise, more socialising with friends  and family, and more time to do some things I love- like painting for myself and not just for clients!

image by adesigndiary
image by adesigndiary

All in all, I feel very positive going ahead and I hope to have some amazing projects to feature on my blog this year, particularly projects outside of Dubai!

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