How perfectly civilised…..

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 18 months, you will no doubt have watched, or at least heard of, Downton Abbey, the epic TV series from the amazingly talented British writer Julian Fellowes.

image via Telegraph UK

The story line is  wonderful, with twists and turns, romance and heartbreak and a murder or two thrown in for good measure. The setting is the historic Highclere Castle, which since 1679, has been home to the Carnarvon family.The house appears to have been extensively remodeled and re-worked over the years into what we see today-the glamorous and imposing “Downton Abbey”!

The series is beautifully filmed and the screenplay is witty and clever…all of this is set against spectacular interior decoration and the most beautiful costumes.

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I love the soft tones of this drawing room where Lady Crawley is sitting doing her needlepoint…

The attention to detail is incredible-look at the lace , ribbon and embroidery on the garments…it must have been a nightmare to get dressed each day, but then one did have one’s own maid to assist! I just cannot imagine running around getting paint samples and fabrics in these gorgeous frocks…no wonder they did not work for a living…

These soft summer dresses are just sublime….

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Many years ago I lived in England for just over a year and had a few opportunities to visit historic homes similar to Highclere Castle….in reality, these lovely homes are steeped in history with the gentle patina of age in worn stone, sometimes shabby furniture and incredible stone masonry. Seeing Downton Abbey really took me back to that time when I was lucky enough to see such houses in “the flesh”…I even spent Christmas and New Year with a friend’s family in their castle (yes, the family castle) in Scotland…now that was interesting to say the least….freezing cold but quite an experience! I will leave that story for another day….

One of the bloggers I follow regularly , Linda Merrill of Surroundings , has done a few wonderful posts on the decor as well as the costumes -all in all, a wonderful read and such a unique look at the series…click on the link and have a look.

One thought on “How perfectly civilised…..

  1. Hi Jules,
    Here in South Africa we are all very excited, as the series started tonight on BBC..I am hoping to order the whole series and watch it non stop since I am so impatient!
    Love all the detail in decor, fashion, language and not to forget the lovely gardens..
    have a lovely week
    Hugs&XX Colette

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