Summer Heat drags on…..

This really is the worst time of the year for me…I have had enough of the heat and especially the humidity , which is particularly bad at night. There is NO fresh air and sometimes you feel almost as though you cannot breathe ….. it just seems to drag on and on and I am longing for this…….

image via penny threads blog

The thought of being in that cool, misty, green environment fills me with joy! To breathe deeply and fill my  lungs with crisp, cool air! To be warm and cozy in a fluffy sweater or under a down duvet…..

image via elements of style

Not that we ever have really cool, crisp air but in a few weeks time, the temperature will drop steadily and suddenly (usually in October) one day you walk outside and it is as though someone switched off the humidity like a light switch! Amazing….the cool air starts moving in and we get a lot of fog which is always a signal that the weather is changing. The nights drop down to about 12 or 13 degrees C  -and as low as 5 degrees C out in the desert(which for us necessitates a warm sweater!) and the days are warm at 23 degrees which is absolutely perfect! We start to live outdoors again…eating dinner at a table outside restaurants, camping in the desert, walks on the beach early on a Friday morning……I cannot wait and I am literally counting the days…..I have not been able to leave the heat this year like most  people do, and I am truly feeling its effects -it makes me so lethargic and heavy! Once the cool weather starts I will be reinvigorated with new purpose and new energy and it always reflects in my work!


2 thoughts on “Summer Heat drags on…..

  1. Hello Jules, …..I was just commenting on “House of Edward ” blog how every time we exchange seasons across the globe,I realize how fast time passes….may you have sneaky breezes to cool you down…hugs Colette

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