Another Video….

Here is another amazing film I found…This is part of the bid by Dubai for the World Expo 2020…it gives you a great idea of what Dubai and Abu Dhabi have achieved in the last few years…I think it’s wonderful….and yes, the city really does look like that. It’s scarily clean…after being in the UK for a few weeks and seeing all the aged buildings with moss covered walls , it was quite a shock to come back to the pristine glass and metal of this incredible city we live in !

The Centre of Now….

I wanted to share this video with you…a few nights ago, I took some friends, who are visiting from Rome, to see the Burj Khalifa and the spectacular light and water show which takes place every night…it was amazing and I urge anyone who is in Dubai at the moment to make the time to see the show, which runs for the duration of the Dubai Shopping Festival, from 3rd January to 3rd February(I think..) It is worth it and best of all…it’s free!!

This video gives you an idea of what you can expect….when I watch this, I consider myself incredibly lucky to be part of this exciting and inspiring city!