Movement and Design….

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You might well ask what the one has to do with the other, but I read this post yesterday and had one of those light bulb moments (or as Oprah would call it, an Ah -Ha moment)…I may be a bit slow in not realising the connection sooner, but this time it really made an impact on me.

The author speaks about the importance of the relationship your body has with the environment around it…I know from personal experience that it is almost impossible to be creative when you are stressed and uptight. In my job, which involves hands on application of paints, gold leaf, wallpaper, glazes etc…I really do have to be flexible and strong, as the actual work is physically demanding. The author of the post says that the healthier and more easily your body moves, the easier it is to express yourself and your creativity….wow….a basic concept and yet one which honestly had not really hit home for me until now. (yes, I know in the recesses of my mind it was always a nagging  issue)

I have honestly always thought that creativity comes from the brain, which is partly true but it is directly affected by how healthy the body is and in particular how easily the body moves or how flexible it is . I totally get that now, and especially over the last few months where I have sometimes been on my feet for 6 hours at a time…climbing scaffolds, standing with my neck craned at a 90 degree angle (or so it feels) ….walking up and down stairs carrying buckets of paints…the reality of the fact that I am not as fit as I should be, has hit me hard at times….

Now it is a new year and a chance to start fresh and the first thing I will be doing, is joining a yoga class near my home…flexibility is always a good start and the relaxing effects of the yoga will certainly help with the stress and that in turn can only benefit the creativity!

Another interesting fact which the author notes in the post, is  that humans naturally follow leaders who are perceived to be healthy and fit…

Here’s to a more flexible 2013…..