Dose of adorable…


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What would life be without a cute little baby photo thrown in here and there…and in particular, Princess Charlotte…she is utterly gorgeous and in my humble opinion, looks just like her Dad…these recently released photos of her are to celebrate her 6 month milestone and they appear to have been taken by Katherine and are simple and sweet..

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I love how the Royal couple release these photos which are essentially casual family photos. No formal, uptight and posed family portraits for them!

Remember the first ones we were shown when she was a tiny newborn?

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Also taken by Kate and just as sweet!



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And here she is….I love this photo of the new family member and her parents..Kate looks remarkably fresh and relaxed it has to be said! Clearly it was a fairly straightforward birth as the family left the hospital just hours after the birth and they will spend the night at Kensington Palace.

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The little Princess looks adorable!

It’s a Girl!!!

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Such excitement surrounding the birth of a new Princess!! The whole world has been waiting and watching and today it finally happened and the announcement was made this morning London time.

I always thought Kate might have a little girl and I think its absolutely wonderful for the Royal couple to have one of each…I expect that she will become the apple of her father’s eye!

So now we all wait for the first image of the little baby girl….

Looking Back..

In light of the news of the Royal baby boy, I wanted to remember all those years ago when we all waited for the first sight of Prince William and his mother and father on the steps of the hospital.

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I can clearly remember the pictures which were taken of Diana holding her newborn son in her arms and wearing that pretty green dress with a white collar…she looked so happy and in love.

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Of course, back then we had no internet and had to wait until we were able to buy the newspapers and magazines to see the pictures up close and not just on TV. It seems like 100 years ago….

I think Diana would be so proud of William and she would certainly have been a fabulously glamorous granny!