Amazing blogs…….

image via my home inspiration blog

I know I been absent for a while……I have been busy trying to finalise a few details for my two big projects I am currently busy with and also all the furniture I mentioned in a previous post!

I have been obsessed with Swedish , Norwegian and German blogs lately…wow, but those chilly countries certainly inspire incredible creativity! I love their style and I am fascinated how most of the decor is predominantly white, accented with dark greys, taupes and black. Very, very stylish and incredibly easy to live with.

image via villa von krogh blog

They also seem to combine a lot of vintage items with good old Ikea furniture…..although I am not a huge fan about most  Ikea furniture, I do think that that it is the easiest and most cost effective way to add “trendy” furniture to your home without breaking the bank. (My sofa is from Ikea and I love it…I searched for about 6 months to find something I could just flop into and I finally found it at Ikea of all places….)

image via my home inspiration blog

I am sure it also helps to have loads of markets and fairs to source gorgeous vintage  European pieces…something we really lack here in the Middle East! I love all the neutral tones…the key, as always with white rooms and white decor in general, is to layer with textures and tones and these very talented ladies seem to do this beautifully, with different tones of white  and off-white.Then there are the natural greys and taupes of cane and wicker , plants and slubby linens….delicious! Add a punch of black or charcoal and you get magic…..perhaps its the light in these Nordic countries that is very white and which just seems to highlight the beautiful combination of these colours……..

image via my shabby chic house blog

Take a look at these gorgeous blogs…they really have some amazing creative ideas and photos!