Mannequins and decor………..

I have been toying with the idea of getting a mannequin for quite a while now …. While I would LOVE to get a really battered , old vintage one, the reality is that I am living in a country which is really only 40 years old and the chances of finding¬†anything vintage ¬†is close to impossible, unless you are looking for something regional like carpets, or an old spice chest……I thought I might have to wait until my next trip to the UK to visit my mum….on a really good day you can sometimes find a second hand one in a thrift store…..not often..but sometimes!

I think they are such a lovely feminine addition to a dressing room or bedroom , and fantastic to display a special dress or a statement necklace on – my friend B displays her lovely wedding dress on hers and it looks lovely!

And then I found this site….absolutely gorgeous offerings and they ship worldwide……what more could a girl want? Perhaps just the view in the last image………………….

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I love the black and white Toile……I can see it in my home! Perhaps an addition to my Christmas list?