Devastaion in the Phillipines…

I was reading about the damage and devastation caused by the typhoon in the Philippines ….the estimate  is that over 10 000 people are believed to have perished as a result of the storm. 10 000 people…its horrific and my heart goes out to the family and friends of the people who died.

On a brighter note, the whole world has certainly come together to send aid to the people of the Phillipines…in Dubai, the Philippine Embassy is hosting a brunch on Friday to raise funds for the relief effort and the government of Dubai is sending Millions of Dirhams of aid . It is heartwarming to see the reaction of  so many  nations and I am sure the Phillipino people must be incredibly grateful. It always amazes me how humans can work together in times of extreme tragedy….its just sad that we cannot do it all the time….

Superstorm Sandy hits the US….

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My thoughts and prayers go out to people in the US who are facing Hurricane must be terrifying to say the least.

All we really have to deal with here in the Middle East are some extremely hot summer days and on the very odd occasion, a freak snow fall, but I imagine that it must be really horrifying having to deal with torrential rain, insane wind and storm surges , all in the dark because the power has been knocked out. It certainly makes one realise the frailty of the human race when faced with the devastating strength and power of Mother Nature at her most volatile!