We are melting at the moment…the temperature in my car today was 52 degrees (125.6F) and the humidity levels were insane…I unfortunately had to see a few clients and that meant lots of outdoor/indoor /outdoor activity! By 4.30 I was drenched in perspiration and feeling exhausted so I headed off home…I hate the summer weather..after almost 14 years, I am still not used to the extreme temperatures and I doubt I ever will be, but life has to go on and so we cool down with a swim in a chilled pool and do it all again the next day!

all images by adesigndiary
all images by adesigndiary

The best way to escape the heat is to visit the malls, which are insanely busy at the moment in preparation for the Holy Month. I took these photos at the Mall of the Emirates -there seemed to be some kind of promotion for Lux products and these trellises and arches covered in roses were so pretty I had to get a photo.

july 2013 057d

I also took some photos of the Ramadan decorations which, disappointingly, were the same as two years ago.

july 2013 056b

I loved the window of this store..a very stylish floral artist.

july 2013 055 a

 I am going to the Dubai Mall this weekend to see of they have done something a little more exciting for the upcoming festivities!

Miserable weather..

One would think from the title that it implies that the weather is rainy and grey but alas, it is dusty, humid , hazy and really really hot.

image via adesigndiary
image via adesigndiary

It is Dubai summer weather in full swing and it is Dubai at its worst…I hate it…the light is harsh and  bright and the glare is unbearable without sun glasses.

image via adesigndairy
image via adesigndairy

I am dreaming of green , cool, fresh countryside filled with flowers and trees….a visit to the UK is a MUST around this time of year….at least one can be guaranteed of rain! What would an English summer be without rain?

Unfortunately for me, this is the time of year when the hotels do their refurbishments and renovations and it is also when clients travel back to their home countries, and they want furniture done or their homes painted, so it is not the best time for me to leave…in 13 years, I have never been away in the summer….I can honestly say that I count the days until it starts to cool down.

image via adesigndiary
image via adesigndiary

This year, the Holy Month of Ramadan falls over July and August, the two hottest months of our year and I feel so sorry for the devout Muslims ,who will be observing the fast between sunrise and sunset. It will be particularly challenging in the heat. The only small relief is that the work day is shortened by a few hours, so the day is not as long as normal and most people can get home to rest and keep cool.

I am looking forward to seeing the Ramadan decorations in the Malls though…they are usually quite spectacular and rival the Christmas decorations each year!

I will definitely post some pictures of the decorations as soon as they are up…usually about two weeks before the start of Ramadan…one little bit of good news-this week is a short week for us as Thursday is a holiday! I will more than likely be found lounging around our (chilled) pool at my apartment….the only way to stay cool at the moment!

Ramadan Decorations at MOE.

from this angle you can clearly see the moon and stars

In my previous post I inserted a couple of images of the wonderful Ramadan decorations which were hung in the Galleria of the Mall of the Emirates-I took some photos the other night when I met my sister there for a quick dinner after work…..I was honestly blown away and the photos simply do not do them justice. The decorations are made up of long strings of twinkling LED lights with  huge paper moons and stars which are  lit from within and together they create a spectacular feature hanging from the huge glass Galleria roof. Gorgeous!

I am looking forward to seeing what they produce for Christmas!