A Few Shiny Things……

As a follow on to my previous post, I wanted to share a few of Wallis’s jewels…

She was known for her iconic style as much as her fabulously over the top pieces of jewelry, and a few pieces in particular, should be mentioned.

image via fashionandbeautytips1blogspot

This is a magnificent piece (it happens to be my favourite!)which once belonged to Queen Mary, and which was then given to her son Edward(and obviously worn by Wallis Simpson), and interestingly,  then bought by Calvin Klein for his young wife Kelly, in the 1987 auction. It consists of a perfectly matched strand of natural pearls,  with a pendant drop pearl of a massive 18.4mm.

image via stylecourt.blogspot.com
image via stylecourt.blogspot.com

Imagine the thrill of wearing a piece with such a provenance….the magic and history must have been tangible. Unfortunately, the necklace is no longer owned by Kelly Klein and was auctioned again 20 years later, in 2007.

Another wonderful item was this pair of earrings…a black pearl and a white pearl surrounded by diamonds.

image via hello.com

I like the idea of pearls not matching and yet being part of a set…quite quirky and another indication of Wallis’s playful taste in adornment!

image via .designer-vintage.com

A selection of pieces from Cartier….note the iconic Flamingo brooch (or pin as the American’s call it)

I love the picture in the top left corner of the couple jumping….quite eccentric!

image via relasjournal.blogspot.com

Wearing the Flamingo brooch-ever stylish in black and white, with just the bold piece to make a statement.

image via zimbio.com

I mentioned this bracelet in my previous post but go here for an interesting list of each cross and its significance in the couple’s lives…the article also speculates on the possibility that the Windsors may have had a child….of that I am not sure, but it makes for an interesting read!

image via the stylexpert.blogspot.com

The Prince of Wales feather brooch…given to Wallis by Edward ,and auctioned off in 1987..it was subsequently bought by Elizabeth Taylor, as she had admired the brooch for many years and had even asked the Duchess of she and the Duke would object if she had the design copied. As it turned out, she and Richard Burton had felt it inappropriate to copy the piece and it was not done.

And yet another piece by Cartier, designed and made in 1947.

image via steelorchids.com
image via steelorchids.com
image via blog.sharecrystal.com
image via blog.rewarestyle.com
image via steelorchids.com

Another huge brooch on a very simple dress…so incredibly stylish.

image via kaboodle.com

Last but not least, Wallis’s engagement ring…a huge, almost 20 carat emerald engagement ring. The inside of the band was etched with the phrase “We are ours now 27 X 36”, which was supposedly an abbreviation for the day he proposed: 27 October , 1936.

Wallis like to wear large, bold pieces of jewelry and  it definitely suited her…she seemed to have large hands and feet and I think that small, delicate pieces would have been lost ,and would simply not have had the impact these wonderful works of art have.