We are melting at the moment…the temperature in my car today was 52 degrees (125.6F) and the humidity levels were insane…I unfortunately had to see a few clients and that meant lots of outdoor/indoor /outdoor activity! By 4.30 I was drenched in perspiration and feeling exhausted so I headed off home…I hate the summer weather..after almost 14 years, I am still not used to the extreme temperatures and I doubt I ever will be, but life has to go on and so we cool down with a swim in a chilled pool and do it all again the next day!

all images by adesigndiary
all images by adesigndiary

The best way to escape the heat is to visit the malls, which are insanely busy at the moment in preparation for the Holy Month. I took these photos at the Mall of the Emirates -there seemed to be some kind of promotion for Lux products and these trellises and arches covered in roses were so pretty I had to get a photo.

july 2013 057d

I also took some photos of the Ramadan decorations which, disappointingly, were the same as two years ago.

july 2013 056b

I loved the window of this store..a very stylish floral artist.

july 2013 055 a

 I am going to the Dubai Mall this weekend to see of they have done something a little more exciting for the upcoming festivities!