A Truly Modern Love Story…

I know this is predominantly a design blog, but I recently found a wonderfully refreshing blog called A Blog About LoveĀ ..

I had to share it….it is the inspiring story of two people who met via email ( a true life “You’ve got mail) after being introduced by a mutual friend…the emails which follow on after the “introduction”are absolutely wonderfully romantic without being frivolous….a very REAL story of two people meant to be together! Their emails to each other bubble over with happiness and excitement which is so touching and makes you want to read more….for two such young people, they really do understand marriage and its implications and responsibilities.

I am not really a believer when it comes to romance, but this blog truly makes me slightly wistful for the type of relationship they have and makes me believe that soul mates really do exist…I dare you to read a few of the emails and not come to the same conclusion!

I loved the way their relationship developed through the completely lost art of letter writing…I mean, really…who writes love letters anymore? Through their emails they share their feelings and thoughts and emotions ,and very bravely, they have shared them with their readers. Wow…I am not sure I could do that, but it works beautifully….

image via a blog about love

Aren’t they a lovely couple?