Are you a Voyeur…….You know you are!!!

Don’t ask me how I found this (it was saved on my favourite bookmarks list!) but I think it is the coolest thing ever!!!

I am not sure if it verges on creepy and stalkerish,  but it is a live web cam of the Abbey Road studios crossing…..check it is a really fun way to spend a few minutes…if you have stalker tendencies like I apparently do!!!

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The funniest thing to watch is all the people who spend ages trying to get the exact  iconic “Beatles pose”right…while all the traffic whizzes back and forth!!

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I am absolutely sure that none of these people know about the web cam and it is a lot of fun watching all the wacky tourists running back and forth across the road trying to emulate the Fab Four!!

It appears that these people DID know about the camera…..

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At the very least, it is a great way to find out what the weather is doing in London….