Kelly Wearstler’s boutiques……

image via town and country

The uber talented creative force that is Kelly Wearstler has recently launched a line of clothing and she now  also has ready-to-wear and accessory boutiques in Bergdorf Goodman, Nieman Marcus and Holt Renfrew which were all launched last week.

image via My Life My Vibe blog

I love the colours and that fabulous turquoise vase at the back of the sofa is sublime! Check out the screen….and need I mention the velvet sofa?

What an incredibly versatile woman she is – I have loved her decor and design style since I first laid eyes on her gorgeous book Modern Glamour. She then released a second book called Domicillium Decoratus (my personal favourite) and a third book called Hue.

image via Modern Glamour

Not satisfied with just doing that, she has  designed a range of fabrics and rugs, tableware and home decor acessories and now a line of clothing and fashion accessories!

image via Domicilium Decoratus

What will she do next? I cannot wait to find out…she is an inspiration to working women all over the world and particularly in the creative field…..I also believe that if you have a creative mind, you are able to design just about anything…the basic rules of design are the same whether you are designing furniture, textiles or shoes! Its just the technical information which differs but the basics are the same, as Ms Wearstler so competently proves.