Inspiration from IKEA…..

I was most surprised to discover this blog..written in Swedish but easily translated into English…it is a blog featuring inspiring rooms and ideas using IKEA products….I am a firm believer in IKEA products-they are well priced and amazingly on trend and although some of the furniture can look a bit cheap, used in creative ways, they can be amazingly effective! For people on a budget (and who isn’t these days) IKEA is the ideal place to source items in a variety of different styles.

I am loving the “wallpaper”in this image…..I have the two small bowls in the foreground…wonderful for snacks! Nothing beats IKEA glassware for everyday use and particularly for the odd party guest who over indulges and ends up breaking a glass or two!

Some gorgeous spring inspiration…these plant holders are perfect for a small space like my tiny balcony!

Can you believe these are all IKEA linens? Amazing tones and colours….

All IKEA furniture…it certainly helps that the room has beautiful bones…but I love the all-white scheme.

I think I might do something like this for the summer…

This one is for my friend B…so fresh, feminine and summery…

Oh the blue and white!! I LOVE blue and white and this toile duvet is on my list for sure…I already have the toile cushion covers!

A fabulous look for a boys bedroom or a study in fabulous greys and off-white…such a sophisticated combination. I have not seen this fabric at my IKEA but it might be coming soon….

One of my favourite chairs….my sister has two on her balcony and they look wonderful…they have a subtle ,washed grey and white finish and are really solid and textural.

Anyone for tea?

I know a lot of people feel that IKEA can be cheap and cheerful but I think that these images prove that with a littler bit of inventive styling and individuality,  amazing things can happen!

Homes by Ikea….

Another interesting site I found recently is this one….full of ideas from real-life homes using Ikea furniture to create incredibly individual and interesting spaces…not at all like the Ikea catalogue, which is styled and merchandised, these homes truly reflect the personalities of the people living in them.

All images via

Is it just me or is there something really great about peeking into peoples’ lives and homes….I am fascinated by how people live and decorate their spaces. I am also constantly amazed at how talented and creative people are, without the help of the a designer or decorator! There are a lot of talented people out there…..

My Swedish Obsession continues…

I know I mentioned in a post a while ago, how much I love the Swedish and Finnish blogs…those ladies sure have style and such amazing taste in clothes! I was browsing over the weekend and found a few new blogs and some great images on some older blogs….I must share with you….

image via charandthecityblog

This is a a peek into this very stylish woman’s life….amazing! I also love how these girls can make the simplest Ikea furniture look incredibly upmarket…take a look at her gorgeous blog for lots of inspiration.

image via houseofphiliablog

Another blog I follow regularly is House of Philia Blog…these are a peek into her life…

image via houseofphiliablog
image via houseofphiliablog

This last image is also from House of Philia I think….I don’t seem to have the link!

Perhaps it is the pale Swedish light or the photography, but I love the subtle tones and clean crisp lines of the rooms.

I have been completely inspired by these lovely images and plan to paint my apartment all-white…along with most of my furniture. The first piece was delivered to our warehouse this morning to start the process with a coat of primer…..lets see how it all turns out!