A gorgeous hotel….Qasr Al Sarab

While browsing this fabulous blog, I came across this wonderful hotel which I had of course heard of, but I had never seen. My cousin and her husband came to Dubai from Germany last year for Christmas and were considering staying at the hotel, but decided instead to go to Oman.

In the tone of the recent post about Bab Al Shams, I thought it might be fun to see a similar resort in Abu Dhabi….

Entrance to the hotel
Views from the lobby
Desert views

When “Desert Style”is done well ,there is nothing quite like the rustic luxury that it produces. The decor doesn’t overwhelm the spectacular views of the Empty Quarter, yet it feels and looks incredibly comfortable and lush…with texture and colour in every room. Although the architecture is classic and simple, it blends in perfectly with the graphic scenery of the endless dunes and blue sky.

The pool

There truly is nothing like the silence of the desert….it is all-enveloping and wraps around you like a soft cloak….the peace is tangible and each time I have camped out in the desert or stayed at Bab Al Shams, I have truly slept better than ever in my life! Just these images alone calm me down…Oh to have a few days to go and indulge in this beauty and quiet………………………

Terrace view