Happy Halloween

image via marthastewart.com
image via marthastewart.com

Halloween is celebrated in a big way in the UAE..there are  always a lot of parties, and the kids  trick or treat in groups, gathering vast amounts of candy and no doubt keeping their parents up for hours while they get rid of their sugar rush!

image via pinterest
image via pinterest

I would love to decorate my house in honour of Halloween but it is simply too small,so I may just put up a wreath  to at least make an effort for the kids in my building…I would love to go all out and dress up with gorgeous make up and a really great costume, but I have been really busy with work , so I will have to be satisfied with salivating over all the wonderful images on Pinterest!

image via pinterest
image via pinterest

Halloween Goodies….

I received these photos of Halloween gift bags and cupcakes this morning, from my sister in Australia ….I was blown away by her incredible presentation and felt that I had to share the images. Such a talented sister!

The cupcake toppers apparently arrived in the post all the way from the UK (sent by our Mum who is the most amazing Granny!) along with all kinds of Halloween goodies for the kids. My sister then made up some very sweet gift bags and made the cupcakes for the kids to take along to school…..just adorable, I have to say!

Bear in mind that my sister has three kids, about 4 horses, a sheep, 2 dogs, numerous cats, ducks, chickens and heaven knows how many other critters…and she has no domestic help at all. She manages the whole brood on her own because her husband works away three weeks out of every month!!! It exhausts me just typing all of this….I can barely manage to take care of myself, so do not ask me how she manages it all!!

Oprah always used to say that being a mother was the hardest job on earth and I agree wholeheartedly….I am in awe of Mum’s who somehow manage to do all of this kind of thing….it makes my job look like a walk in the park!!

The cupcake toppers were just precious….I particularly loved the witch….she is very spooky!

The gift bags were filled with  a Halloween character, eg. skull, skeleton, spider, bat etc; an eyeball ring; a blood lollipop; Halloween Natural Confectionary lollies; body part lollies; Halloween stickers and Halloween sprinkles.

The goodie bags packed and ready to go…..

The gorgeous labels…I love the cat!

All images by M.Botha

And the sweet little pumpkin…the  bags were a huge hit and the kids all loved them to bits….now what will you do to top this next year I wonder!!