Flying home for the summer…..

While browsing through some blogs this weekend, I came across this wonderful article about travel etiquette…in particular, etiquette on a plane! Oh how I wish this could be handed out to all passengers when they book their tickets!

Because Dubai is a city and an Emirate, we are in the unique position of being international travelers on each and every flight we take from the airport, so all the rules and regulations of International travel apply.This is particularly prevalent in June when the schools close and most families travel home for the summer vacation (usually a couple of months) to escape the searing heat in this part of the world. This translates into fully booked flights which are packed like the proverbial sardine tins which they seem to be sometimes! Fortunately the Dubai airport is an exercise in efficiency and organisation and while it is huge, it is easy to navigate and a dream to shop of course!

However, once you are on the plane and if (like most people) you are packed into Economy class, you soon discover that, as the piece points out, most people check their manners and common sense along with their baggage!

image via Emirates Airlines