Bamboo blinds…

I have been a fan of the humble bamboo blind for a couple of years now….I had installed them in my last apartment to give me privacy from the buildings opposite, as well as shade from the sun and they were very successful. While browsing this morning, I found this post by blogger Katie Rosenfeld on her fabulous blog Bogle Street

I was inspired to add a few words on the subject…..

image via Bogle Street blog

I love the look of the bamboo blinds with a pretty patterned fabric curtain….to me it just makes an ordinary window with plain drops of fabric look dressed and decorated. They are also neutral and can work with pretty much any pattern..they look best with cottons and linens and they bring a contemporary feel to a room.

I love using them in Dubai for the two reasons I stated earlier…they provide privacy and shade with a dash of style and texture.

image via Bogle Street blog

Even in this really gorgeous feminine room the bamboo blinds work well.

image source unknown

In both the rooms above, the blinds are paired with plain curtains with a dark trim along the edge of the curtain panels…I would love to do this on a project…I think it looks so chic!