Dose of adorable…


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What would life be without a cute little baby photo thrown in here and there…and in particular, Princess Charlotte…she is utterly gorgeous and in my humble opinion, looks just like her Dad…these recently released photos of her are to celebrate her 6 month milestone and they appear to have been taken by Katherine and are simple and sweet..

Princess-Charlotte (1)
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I love how the Royal couple release these photos which are essentially casual family photos. No formal, uptight and posed family portraits for them!

Remember the first ones we were shown when she was a tiny newborn?

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Also taken by Kate and just as sweet!



Rihanna’s at it again…..

Yes , she’s done it again. Rihanna has “shocked” the world by wearing a barely there dress to some awards show…I have no idea which nor do I care! The woman is a lunatic…she’s not stylish or elegant yet she got exactly what she time and free publicity.

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And her eager fans lap it all up! What concerns me is that young girls see this and think it’s all OK but at the risk of sounding like a Victorian maiden, I think its tasteless and tacky. Would it not have been equally as sexy if she had worn a flesh toned undergarment? I don’t know…maybe I am getting old as my 18 year old niece keeps telling me!!

Is this sexy? Or too much? Perhaps not, from a male perspective …..she is a beautiful and talented girl, but too much is too much!!


The Joys…

Sometimes I do forget how fortunate I am to live in Dubai….I met up with my sister for lunch recently and this is what we ate….

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image via adesigndiary

And this was our incredible view…..

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image via adesigndiary

Amazing that this is right on our doorstep!

A few days later I had a meeting with a client in the same location -my meeting ran late and when I was walking to my car I took this…

ipad april 2013 006

This is Madinat Jumeirah, an amazing resort built along a series of canals. I was also lucky enough to work on this project when it was originally built and I love going back to enjoy theĀ ambiance.